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Re: PETITION: Deactivation of Daily Form in PCM 2016 Multipl

19 Sep 2016, 21:29

Diomatron agrees

Re: Mode Multi : Impossible de jouer en ligne

26 Fév 2015, 15:57

Le serveur est actuellement en maintenance en vue de l'application d'un patch. Il devrait ouvrir à nouveau cet après midi. The server is currently in maintenance in order to apply a patch. It is supposed to open this afternoon. Any concrete afternoon? Any concrete week? Any concrete month? Thanx a ...

Re: Beta PCM 2015 - Inscription ouvertes / Registration open

12 Déc 2014, 18:30

Remember big label in the game THIS GAME ONLY WORKS OFFLINE Stop complaining, lt's not the good topic and not the moment to do this. Sure. You are right. But, could you please tell me when and where can i find an acceptable answer from les createurs of the game. It's sad you buy an unfinished game,...

Re: Beta PCM 2015 - Inscription ouvertes / Registration open

11 Déc 2014, 14:13

Really u releasing new Pcm? You expect many customers? Why dont you finish pcm14 first? Or maybe when u sell it on stores or steam it should be clear that it is an offline game That how me and others that play mostly online would have known the truth. That u sell beta games not finished Because if i...

Re: Delete Old Tours In Multiplayer

05 Août 2013, 14:12

:? And with today update what has exactly changed? :? It means old tours will start dissapearing in 14 days? Why no delete those games that are evidently dead? Well i think if they dissapear in 2 weeks is more than i expected from u. thanx for answering my post cyaboys i really appreciate it :roll:

Re: Bug in tour mode

05 Août 2013, 14:01

it means no classifications, no mountain, points and general classifications work. its like if u play separated games, not a tour

and nik "so here is my question: did you even test yourselves this fantasy tour 1 and fantasy tour 2??? " answer is damned evident

Delete Old Tours In Multiplayer

31 Juil 2013, 13:23

Nice we can play tours with custom db. What i dont understand is why in the list of tours to play there are more than one hundred. Its incredible tours created in day 1 of pcm13 online with first version of game are still visible. Im quite sure that is one of the keys of server goes so slow, u can t...

Re: PETITION - Please put back also the Old Multiplayer

25 Juin 2012, 22:17

:( :shock: I could say lot of things of 12online, ill just say I AGREE :roll: :geek:

Keep lame Armada mode but give us our old multiplayer games as last 7,8,9 years

Yes i live in the past

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