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[PCM 2014] TDF Project on Stage Editor

08 Juil 2014, 17:38

Hello, Here is a route I want to make on Stage editor for PCM 2014 and 2013. Will be done for early September. You can see the following route details. Thank you for your support, Map and profiles stage by stage : Main map : Stages list : h...

Re: PCM 2014 | FDB14 v1.0 | RELEASED

06 Juil 2014, 10:32

Hello, How do you do to correct the interface scale : incon, font, windows ? Because my menu is still bad, fonts and icons are too big in career mod How do you change it ? Do you have a model for designing big maillots on the main page ? And can you share your mini-maillot model adaptated to PCM 201...

Re: [FR/EN]Questions

21 Juin 2013, 16:05

Je viens de remarquer le même phénomène à l'ourverture du zcts. Par contre l'import des road en xml fonctionne bien.

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