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13 Août 2019, 08:59

I'm so glad I didn't buy the game this year. Had every game for the past 6/7 years, but with the change of publisher I wasn't convinced that the game would be in a good shape this year. Please don't let this game die due to incompetence.

Re: Beug Pro Leader

11 Juil 2018, 12:11

Hi Patatrasse, It is clear that the developers have listened to the community and much work has gone into this iteration of the game with pro team and pro leader. For this I'm very thankful, however both game modes do not work correctly. As has been noted if you have more than 8 riders in pro team a...

Re: Sondage : nouveauté TDF18

18 Juin 2017, 06:30

Hi Patatrasse, Thank your for being so open in discussing the game. I have been a fan since tdf 2013 and have enjoyed the development of the game. The pro team mode is what provides depth to the game and deserves more development. As others have suggested, and due to the constraints of stage develop...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

20 Juil 2015, 12:36

Hi Patatrasse. There are many aspects of the game which are much improved on the 2014 game. In particular the race day condition, the pro team mode with its varied stages in the TDF, and the difficulty settings. I am also glad to hear there will be an update. There are a few issues I've discovered w...

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