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TDF 19 - Online mode?

27 Mars 2019, 20:52

I'd like to know if TDF 19 will feature a way to play the game online (not just Share-Play). Of course, the game is not as popular as other sports games but an online mode would really motivate me to play the game more often.

Re: Étapes De Montagne

27 Mars 2019, 20:44

I dont know if I understood everything correctly (I dont speak french) but I'd also like more attacks and breakaways on mountain stages. In real life there are up to 40 riders in the breakaway and also win the stage later. In TDF 18 there are at most 15 riders and but are very likely to get caught. ...

News about the 2019 edition

12 Fév 2019, 16:43

Hello everyone, yesterday I saw a tweet about the confirmation that another generation of TDF games are going to be released in June. I was surprised the announcement so early this year. Does that mean anything? Maybe more new features than in the last years? When do we get more information about th...

Re: TdF 2018 (PS4): Can't load save states

31 Jan 2019, 23:40

Thanks for the reply.
The problem occurs for all save states. I've already reinstalled the game. Unfortunately the problem wasn't solved :(
But thankfully as I tried it another time today it works again :mrgreen:

TdF 2018 (PS4): Can't load save states

30 Jan 2019, 21:43

I can't load my save states any more in Tour de France 2018 on PS4. Every time I try the game crashes and I have to close the application. Any ideas how to fix the problem?

Re: TDF 18 - PS4 - Patchs

09 Août 2018, 13:31

Salut Patatrasse, I have a few questions and would be happy if you could answer me :) Why is it not possible that more than one rider can protect a team mate? Is it possible to release a patch that there are more riders in the breakaway on mountain stages? In my case there are mosty 5-10 riders whil...

Re: Beta TDF - Pro Team 2018

07 Fév 2018, 23:25


Is there a list where we can see if we are registered or not? I did it for sure but I can't find my confirmation email any more :/

Re: TDF 17 Changelog

15 Sep 2017, 11:35

Could somebody translate this into english? I am interested to know what your discussion is all about

Re: TDF 17 Changelog

07 Août 2017, 20:49

Isn't it possible to make the AI a little bit more competitive? I'm playing as Contador. He has an overall rating of 80.0. I'm playing with legendary AI and I'm winning the Tour against Froome, Bardet and Porte... And sprints are also too easy to win. I've talked to other players and they completely...

Re: PS4 gel bug

02 Août 2017, 21:38

Save the game, quit and re-enter

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