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Day one patch release date

08 Juil 2019, 12:52

Hi, are you able to give is a release date for the day one patch and also will you be adding the new jerseys that have been released for example the white Bora Jersey.

Re: Sound Bug

04 Juil 2019, 20:21


Sound Bug

04 Juil 2019, 14:01

Will be fixing that annoying clicking sound when going into big groups of fans especially when you go uphill.

Pro team before day one patch

04 Juil 2019, 13:33

If I start a pro team will the update for the wanty team licence be there or will I have to start a new pro team.

Sound Bug

01 Juil 2019, 11:09

Hi, in tdf 19 whenever you go into big groups of fans there's is a clicking noise which then mutes the interface will this be fixed on the day one patch.

Day one patch

27 Juin 2019, 15:28

Hi, is the day one patch still going to be released on July 4th or forwarded to June 27th as the game has been officially released today on your Facebook pages. :D

Megadriver gameplay video.

18 Juin 2019, 14:08

Hi, will there be a gameplay video with megadriver anytime soon as there is every year.

Re: TDF19 news

04 Juin 2019, 17:33

Ok thank you :D

TDF19 news

04 Juin 2019, 15:26

When will there be more news about the game.

TDF19 news date

25 Mai 2019, 15:04

Is it possible to tell us when abouts news on TDF19 will be released.

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