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30 Jan 2012, 15:11

Hello Layo, thanks for compiling this list of suggestions for us, you will be eager to know that a good amount of them will make their way to the new version of the game. Stay tuned for more info about the new game. ;)

Re: 2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France!

30 Jan 2012, 12:54

Hello Layo, The idea behind the feeding gameplay is that each element gives you different amounts of one or two types of energies and with different assimilation times. Because you can only feed your rider during the playable sections, you have to calculate how many of each element you can take on e...

Re: Tour de France DLC and a thank you

13 Déc 2011, 10:11

Hello Syphon, glad to hear you enjoyed the game. Regarding your question for the DB Update, there were some riders who had their notes reviewed, the biggest changes were probably for the guys from Europcar due to their amazing performance during the Tour (Voeckler -> 77MO and Rolland -> 78 MO) but t...

Re: Create a rider and edit the database..!

05 Déc 2011, 12:33

Hi Axelfanden, unfortunately, it is not possible to edit riders nor teams in the 2011 PS3/Xbox360 game.

Re: Une course oui une mise à jour non!

21 Nov 2011, 14:10

Salut crazyfxcker, Je pense que le ravitaillement c'est assez intuitif et ce pour ca qu'on a pas pensé a rajouter un tutoriel. Basiquement, tu prends un element qui a un temps d'assimilation associé, pendant le temps d'assimilation, le coureur ne peut pas prendre un autre élément. Une fois que le co...

Re: The Critérium International available for Le Tour de Fra

17 Nov 2011, 12:01

And before i buy the new Power pack release today .. i would like to ask is this only useable for Booth Normal game or only Criterium ? .. The power-up package gives you a new option to feed your rider during the race with different types of food, like Fruit (banana, kiwi, apricot...) or sugar (cak...

Re: When are you Releasing the DLC for this game ?

10 Nov 2011, 11:33

Hi I just bring you some news regarding the DLC Criterium for TDF11. It seems it has already been published: 560 MSPoints For those who wonder, the pack includes the 3 stages of...

Re: When are you Releasing the DLC for this game ?

31 Oct 2011, 11:28

Hi Svend, the latests news we have regarding the DLC Criterium International are that it has passed approval with both Microsoft and Sony and the expected release date on PSN Store and Live Marketplace is around November 9th, however, that date is entirely dependant on Sony/MS.


Re: [FR] Question réponses

10 Oct 2011, 09:00

Oui, elle devra arriver bientôt, malheureusement on a pas eu encore le retour de Microsoft.

Re: Bug thread

29 Sep 2011, 15:26

You can use the CIRCLE BUTTON to skip the rider until the rider of your choice is presented on the screen.

I know it is not very intuitive, we will improve the system for the next version

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