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Fatal Game Crash & Gameplay Feedback

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Fatal Game Crash & Gameplay Feedback

Message21 Juin 2017, 11:33

Hey Patresse,

Some bug reporting and gameplay feedback for you...

I am using a PS4 Pro, and I have the digital version of the TdF 2017 game.

Fatal Error

In my Pro Team Mode my game is experiencing what seems like a fatal error. I'm in Stage 11 of the Tour in my third season, and the game freezes and will not recover at between 11 - 12km to go. The game locks/freezes and there controller becomes unresponsive (no buttons work, even the PS menu button). After 60+ seconds you get the blue error screen and I always "report error".

When you reload the game save it places me 20km from the end of the stage, and the error happens every time I reach 12km to go.

I have tried to reload and then do "quick stage" to force the game past the error, but when the 12th stage loads in, I get the intro cutscene and voiceover, but then the screen went totally black, with a white number five in the middle of the screen.

Loss of Rider Control

The much discussed bug when you lose control of a rider and his speed gets locked to slow speed seems to be happening in more circumstances than just when you follow (square) the rider in front after using team comms. I use the team comms a lot when playing, as you have to micro-manage the efforts of the team to set up the right attacks, and this is further compounded if you have a rider in the breakaway, as you need to keep track of the health and performance of the team as the pelaton pushes to catch up. I feel like the loss of control kicks in sometimes when you just choose to accelerate (R2). Best advice in overcoming this problem short-term seems to be to make sure your rider is set to pace control (L1/R1) before you use team comms. I fix this error by switching riders (triangle) and switching back, but it really is very frustrating when trying to set up a multi-rider attack in the closing stages. When your working with small margins (5-10 secs lead) and need to set the super-domestique to 100% tempo, and you want the leader (you are controlling) to then follow, you often get the loss-of-control, and the 10 secs is caught up, and the effort is wasted. Annoying.

Aggressive Climbing

I've seen others complaining about how hard teams push on some of the climbs [Izoard has been mentioned], or at least they do so on Champion mode. This is certainly the case, although it is manageable and even exploitable if you know what you are doing. I don't see this as a bug. The strategy that works best for me is to make sure your domestiques protect your leaders and you save the blue gel for the leaders if at all possible for the final climb. The other riders must sacrifice. The AI riders will push until blow-up, and then you get a moment of respite to recover. It's then about opening a margin on your rivals with a small attack, and managing your effort until the end. Equally so, if the pelaton is down to 40 or less riders and you still have 3 or 4 riders in it, you're in an excellent position. Just recover as much as possible and then keep the tempo as high as you dare to prevent the AI attacking and recovering themselves.

While I don't see this as a bug, I would say it is counter-productive to the AI teams and makes it easier for me to win. They seem to ride so hard it hurts everyone and leaves team leaders exposed. That said, it does weed out the weak riders/climbers. If you're not a top climber, you will not survive these high tempo climbs...


I think this has been mentioned before, but the sprinting/attack mechanic feels a little broken to me. Especially for good climbers in the mountain sprints. When I use Bardet, if I have a full red bar and very slowly attack with X I reach very high speeds that can be maintained for a long time. Say Froome/Porte/Quintana attack me, I can slowly tap X and surge past them, riding a lot faster and for a lot longer. I can easily get 10-15 seconds lead even though they started the attacks.

I was always average/poor on last year's sprints, but on this year's game, if I am in the right position I will win 95%+ of sprints, regardless of rider. Even as Edvald Boasson Hagen on Champion mode. Make sure you're on the front of the pelaton with 2km to go, and flat out by 1.8km. Start pressing attack (X) slowly at 1.4km and keep the same tempo and you will win. Because the red bar goes down so slowly when you press X slowly, but you still seem to generate maximum speed, no-one can get into the front, and you'll cross the line with red bar left over. I haven't tried to win sprints as non-sprinters (well, Eddie Bo is a baradeur?) so maybe I have got better at the technique, but it feels like a change in game mechanic to me.

I really enjoy the game, hence the feedback so you guys can correct the issues present in the game code. Keep up the good work. I'd be happy to record issues and send in if you need, share error codes etc...
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Re: Fatal Game Crash & Gameplay Feedback

Message21 Juin 2017, 12:01

Thanks for these feedbacks :)
Concerning the fatal error, can you send us the save that causes the error ?


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Re: Fatal Game Crash & Gameplay Feedback

Message21 Juin 2017, 12:07

Yes, that is not a problem. Let me know where to send it and I can try!


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Re: Fatal Game Crash & Gameplay Feedback

Message25 Juin 2017, 20:31

I'm playing on PS4 game installed from disc

A video to show loss of control/speed
followed by

A video to show the game freezing at the end of a stage(plus how easy it is to win a sprint with Ben Swift against the big boys)

It was one of the early stages of Tour De France in the 3rd(I think) season of Pro Mode

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