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Kjøp Canada Goose Dame Jakke Online the twelfth

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Kjøp Canada Goose Dame Jakke Online the twelfth

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Kjøp Canada Goose Dame Jakke Online the twelfth
Canada Goose Jakke Dame på nett People often say, busy twelfth lunar month, the twelfth lunar month. Where are you busy, where are you messing around? Busy and chaos are gathered in a year on. Hard work for a year, whether it is downwind, or fortune or fortune, no money, have New Year. Year is a symbol of good fortune, joy of the sea, is the wish of Heshun. In order to meet the year on schedule, the preparatory work is long and detailed. Into the lunar New Year, people began to prepare one after another. Before and after the twelfth lunar month eighth, choose a sunny and warm day, under the leadership of their parents, the whole house into battle, moving the table, wiping the glass, sweeping the dust, the whole family, the whole family are enjoying themselves!

Kjøp Canada Goose Dame Jakke Online Now, although I bought a house in the city, I no longer had my home swept through the old house. Now, I still clearly remember the scene where I was cleaning up with my parents Canada Goose Dame Jakke when I was a child. At that time, fewer people at home, labor shortage, there is an old wardrobe made of pear wood, is said to be inherited from my grandfather, a few hundred pounds a full weight, three or four strong man moved a place I am afraid will be tired of asthma, let alone the weakness of our body at the time! Inability to move the oversized lumbering house to the yard, the mother lids the plastic sheet and the newspaper so that it will not be covered with dust.

Others, such as clothes, bedding, altar cans and other small items, all moved to the yard. When you sweep the roof, you need to bind a slender pole behind the broom so that you can get it and clean the dust that sticks to the rafters. Sweep, wrap the head with a larger towel to prevent getting a depressed face. After cleaning the house outside the house, but also put the size of the house moved to the home one by one back into place.

Kjøp CANADA GOOSE Jakke Online

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