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[FR/EN] Vos problèmes / Your problems - xBox360

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[FR/EN] Vos problèmes / Your problems - xBox360

Message10 Juil 2011, 09:38

Veuillez nous faire part des problèmes rencontrés avec la version xBox360...


Please send us the problems with the PlayStation 3 version ...


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Re: [FR/EN] Vos problèmes / Your problems - xBox360

Message18 Juil 2011, 19:11

Hi I have recently bought Le tour de France 2011 on the xbox 360, when I first played it, it was working fine. Then I started a tour de france and on stage 3 when its loading the stage up it freezes and the cyclist on the bottom left stops cycling and so does the music. But it's also when I try and do stage 3 in 'one-off stage' mode. It happened with another stage, stage 14 as well. Is there any advice as to why this happens?

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