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Cannot load a game: restore a savegame

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Cannot load a game: restore a savegame

Message26 Juil 2011, 11:34

If you cannot load a savegame, that means that the file is corrupted or damaged for some unknow reason, but it is possible to restore the savegame.

How to restore a corrupted savegame:

1. Click Windows Start button then My Documents or Documents.
2. Open Pro Cycling Manager 2011 folder.
3. Open Users folder then the player profile folder.
4. Open Database folder, then Solo and OfficialRelease.

There are three files per savegame, for example:

Stage Race_1.cdb
Stage Race_1.cdb~
Stage Race_1.cdi

The file Stage Race_1.cdb~ is the game backup.
Please delete Stage Race_1.cdb file.
Rename Stage Race_1.cdb~ file by Stage Race_1.cdb by removing the '~'.
Run the game and load the savegame.

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