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Yamanashi,Parajumpers Jakker Norge

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Yamanashi,Parajumpers Jakker Norge

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PARAJUMPERS Jakke OnlineYamanashi, also known as black pear, there are people called soft pear. April blossom, September mature. Yamanashi cooked, still cortex rough, hard as wood, can not eat. Pick up the pear from the tall pear tree, and then put it in a carton or bamboo basket, or under the cellar, or home kiln, three or two months later, take a look out, the original hard brown pear, change Black shiny oil, as thin as cream. After HERRE Parajumpers Jakker the softened Yamanashi, a small amount of their own use, a lot to be sold.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Online

On the twelfth lunar month, frosty days, cold powder to Parajumpers Jakker ground, or snow fluttering, four mountains silver, winding serpentine Hill, people pulled the car, shoulder lug, back carrying, a car, a basket Basket, a basket of pear, sent to the market. Yamanashi cheap, one or two cents can buy a pound. Yamanashi on the market, how can it Dame Parajumpers Jakker be cold in the cold as iron. How to freeze like an iron egg-like Yamanashi soft food, mountain people have their own unique way. If I do not know its method, with teeth to [CENSORED], will hurt the incisors, may be impatient, will be frozen in bronze hard iron pear cast iron in boiling water to cook, but the more steamed boil more porcelain the harder, and then steamed again Boiled, ice scored pear heart, had to eat pear skin. Frozen hard Yamanashi, do not use boiling water to dissolve, with a wooden spoon or porcelain bowl, scoop half a bowl of cold water, Yamanashi into the cold Dame Parajumpers Jakker water, wait half an hour, Yamanashi epiderPARAJUMPERS Jakke

Mis will end with a layer of crystal clear thin ice , Come up with Yamanashi, gently knocking, Yamanashi on the hands of the soft and tender, bitten pear skin gently sucking, a sweet and sour scent between the lip and tooth filled.



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