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Walk along PARAJUMPERS Jakke

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Walk along PARAJUMPERS Jakke

Message16 Avr 2018, 08:45

Walk along the side of the bridge to the river, walk in the most dry river, walk along the streams, listen to the sounds of streams, the sounds of birds, suddenly feel that the world has become very quiet, quiet only Dame Parajumpers Jakker wind, Looking back from time to time that the bridge is still there, but the edge of a lot smaller. Facing the quiet, facing away from the world, there is a feeling of passing away.PARAJUMPERS Jakke

Sitting on the bank of a girl sitting in the distance watching the eyes, do not know what she was thinking, that misguided, or their own HERRE Parajumpers Jakker distress, or thinking of people in the distance, maybe just want to quietly enjoy the distant beauty . Continue to walk and saw an unknown plant on the ground only one or two of the root is red, or pink is really beautiful, this time there will be a kind of touched touched the chord, but not afraid or could not bear to disturb This quiet and wonderful place. Suddenly birds dive Parajumpers Jakker Norge to the water surface left a circle of water rhyme, fly to the mountains. Want to turn into a bird, stay in the mountains, stay in the woods.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Online

Going back and saying goodbye to Parajumpers Jakker this quiet and simple world. Although all sorts of dismay, and have all kinds of reasons have to leave. Although left but did not take my thoughts, although back to the city but Dame Parajumpers Jakker it does not feel here. Where the heart fell between the landscape, did not bring back a kind of sense of loss, what seems to have lost something important, go and talk about what is not clear.



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