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PARAJUMPERS Jakke Time quietly go

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PARAJUMPERS Jakke Time quietly go

Message16 Mai 2018, 09:43

PARAJUMPERS Jakke Time quietly go
PARAJUMPERS Jakke Online Do not hurry does not stop. Forgot to moan wounds, and gradually healing scab, that once the pain is still unforgettable. Like the angel wings, already used to walking alone on the horizon of loneliness, but still unforgettable wings flying the Holy Land. Every scar is a vicissitudes of the past; every scar, are a burst of sad tears; every scar, is a broken dream. The scar of youth, is the cracked bloom of Dame Parajumpers Jakker fireworks, infinitely brilliant but desperately desolate into a vast night language. Cold! Cold! Cold! The pain has disappeared, but the tragedy is still tightly around the heart, lonely removed song, cut the bones of the ruthless sadness endless.

PARAJUMPERS Jakke The wind destroyed the flower, flower Xiecheng HERRE Parajumpers Jakker mud, mud still flower, flower butterfly love flower flowering, flower thanks flower, flowers are the fate of repeating the pale monotonous but poignant reincarnation. And youth, that one scars, but there is no recurrence of pain. No reincarnation, that is, eternity.

Where do the scars come from? But it is hard to see that unclear Road unknown. At a certain moment, the pain of heart inexplicable, and then what was a tearing ostracized mouth, how long after the accumulation of blood and tears, is how hurt a scar.



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