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How to activate manually Pro Cycling Manager 2011

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How to activate manually Pro Cycling Manager 2011

Message22 Juin 2011, 17:00

Activation of Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2011

This explains Activation for somebody without direct access to Internet. Please note that you have 24 hours from the moment you generate your activation key to the moment you activate your game. It is therefore best to organise yourself before starting the process. It is possible to access the activation website and generate an activation key via a smartphone.

A) When you first launch the game the following window will appear.


1 Enter the ACTIVATION CODE that is found on the back page of the game manual. Enter all digits/characters and hyphens.

2 Then click on the "other" link, just below.

B) A Serial Number and a Hardware Code will then be generated.

3 These two "identifiers" must be entered into a web page which is accessed via the link: provided on the activation pop-up.


C) In theory this page will be in English. However, it may display in French.


Enter the full Serial Number (with hyphens) into the first box (Numéro de série) and the Hardware Code into the second box (Code Matériel).

Then click on the Activate (Activer) button.

D) This will generate a manual activation key (Clé d'activation manuelle)


E) Return to the activation pop-up; it may still be active or you may have to relaunch the game and repeat step A.

4 The manual activation key can now be entered into the field at the base of the activation pop-up.


Press the "Next" button to complete the process.

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