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Game Wont Start

MessagePublié: 24 Juin 2011, 02:40
par hockey
Hi, I've been in contact with a technical support member through email but he isn't responding anymore ( I personally think he's stumped).

My problem is that when I click the PCM icon and hit play, a white screen appears as if the game is loading and then an error message comes up telling me PCM has stopped working.

So far I have given a DXDIAG and PCM11 log, the tech guy told me to update my audio drivers which I did and install Microsoft C ++ 2010 which I did.
I have also made PCM administrator, disabled my virus software, updated my graphics card, updated, and I have the latest patch and PCM 10 ran fine.
I have also tried deleting my documents and even re-installed the game but nothing has worked. I dont know what it could be.
If anyone has any ideas please help me out. Thank you.

Re: Game Wont Start

MessagePublié: 24 Juin 2011, 08:58
par toshiba
black or white screen at the start, or crash :
-skip the start videos : A codec problem may prevent the game from starting. You can rename the 'videos' folder in your installation folder.

Re: Game Wont Start

MessagePublié: 24 Juin 2011, 23:05
par hockey
Its a white screen.

I've deleted the videos in the video folder and also renamed the video folder to videof just for good measure, but the problem still exists. I think others are having this problem so maybe with any luck there will be a fix in the next patch.
There's a thread above FAQ I believe, well anyway I've done everything in that.