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Disgusted with Tour 2012 DLC Xbox 360

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Disgusted with Tour 2012 DLC Xbox 360

Message16 Jan 2014, 07:32

Hi !

Im Spain,i try to explain my problem with my little english and a bit Google Translate.

Im a user of all Le Tour France in Xbox 360 (2011-2012-2013) and Pro Cycling Manager in pc,a few years ago.

The problem is about Stats Update DLC in this game,i pay for this 0.89 Euros,this is not the most important thing,but is nice remember it too.

In Play Station 3,the update has diferent data base that Xbox 360 and i say now why.

1:In the Tour 2012,Andy Schleck was broken and injured,and he did not run and did not compete this Tour,but in DLC Stats,he continues appears in the Team for the Tour.

2:His brother Frank Schelck,was sanctioned dopping,and in stage 16 his Tour finished,and he cant compite complete Tour for this,but in the Team for the Tour,Frank appears 21 days

3:Cadel Evans too,later update,continues appears same Bernard Hinault,Miguel Indurarin or Dopping Amstrong.
All in gold,is a machine,and if i dont remember bad,Cadel in tour 2012 finished 15 minutes more later that the champion,in 7 position.

All this in PS3 dont happen,but yes in Xbox 360.

All else,all changes,are similar in PS3 that Xbox 360,Valverde,Anker Sorensen,Froome,Anton,Samuel Sanchez,Joaquim Rodriguez,Rolland.........All the same,but this 3 that i wrote no.

My game was installed so much times,and all updates too,in the game and in the 360 shop,i format computer 3 or 4 times,clean temporally files in 360,delete all complete game,delete too my real edit names,but no.

The DLC Stats in Xbox,has the same date that PS3 too.

Is the same in order that you install all,first Dauphine or Energy pack,and later complete game,that Game,update,and last,the DLC stats,the result is always the same.

DLC Run always,but Andy and Frank Appears in the team for tour (Andy in gold^,Frank in silver),and of course Cadel Evans continues be Amstrong all in gold.

Im not the only one in Spain with this problem,Exist so much people in PS3 and Xbox with same incidence.

Here is the first demonstration with a PS3 video new Stats:

And here,a 360 captures with all this:




I put and i select Andy and Frank the 2 first,for you can see more clearly,They always appears but in other order.

I wait a nice reply about all this,I think was a bug,because Stats dlc run in 360 and the problem is only with Schleck Brothers and Cadel Evans.

The team can check all this without problems in Xbox 360 for see with you own eyes.

In the case,and dont find any solution...sorry true,never will buy never more any product of this company because 360 users has a big damage in PS3 users comparation.

And of course,play a game,pay for update and compite vs 3 man that in ps3 dont appears and should not to be there ...not is just,not is logic,and not is funny.



  • Messages: 2
  • Inscrit le: 16 Jan 2014, 06:54
  • XBox 360 Gamertag: jose12680

Re: Disgusted with Tour 2012 DLC Xbox 360

Message18 Jan 2014, 08:18

Zero Reply? :oops:

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