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Trailers and pre roll for video channels

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Trailers and pre roll for video channels

Message04 Jan 2020, 11:30

What I’m talking about is having trailers and pre roll enabled for video plugins, and not just for movie within your library, so if I watch a video on say, YouTube, there is an option to run the trailers there.


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Re: Trailers and pre roll for video channels

Message04 Jan 2020, 11:31

I have been using plex media server beta for the last month and the channels seem to all be broken. CBS channel for sure, it says there are no new episodes, yet you go to and there are new episodes.


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Re: Trailers and pre roll for video channels

Message05 Jan 2020, 08:01

I finally got it working. I’ve tried the steps like it explains in the article but it still wasn’t working. This is what I did instead…While in the web app, in the folder you make for your prerolls, right click on the video you want to use and copy link address. Then paste it in the “Cinema Trailer pre roll video” and save. Make sure you you play an unwatched movie or it won’t play. You can change that option too to all movies at the top on “Choose cinema trailers from”. Hope this helps. Now I wish there was an option to shuffle the pre roll videos and movie trailers as well.

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