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Hello Devs,be international (& earn more money )

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Hello Devs,be international (& earn more money )

Message20 Juin 2016, 16:31

Why not properly interface with the community ,it's called customer building.Why not have a proper english forum ?
This one right now is really pathetic.With only a few threads here ,there's not much interest created.
Sure there pcmdaily & pcmfocus,but are the devs there ?no. Steam community is also a bust.People are seriously mad about the new fitness thing(haven't tried team managing yet).
Look at : zero reviews listed there ,while a lot of games have 50+.Beta testers told us they had to way to report back & they weren't suppose to try career mode...
So here's the question : are you going to make a effort to get out there & earn more or is it like someone said pro cycling manager is dying & just get a few diminshing cashgrabs ? If no answer it's the latter answer by default.

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