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PCM 2017

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PCM 2017

Message12 Juin 2017, 15:54

Hello. I want to buy PCM 2017. I' ve an Intel i5 4GB RAM. Can the game works with It ?


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Re: PCM 2017

Message22 Mars 2018, 13:46

Yes Buddy You can buy it and I give you a full Guarantee that it will definitely work on your System. If as you said that your system has these Specification as follows :-

- Ram : 4 GB I hope it will be DDR 4
- Processor : Intel I5, Well It must be at least 3rd Generation, than your system will not getting hang or you may easily play any game.
- Hard Disk : You must have at least 500 Gb HD and It is good if you can afford 1TB
- Graphic Card : You must use NVIDIA Graphic card can be 4 GB Sufficient.

Well I hope now you can buy and play this game. And please review all the above requirements before installing it.

Thanks !!!
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