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wage bill

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wage bill

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I love playing PCM16 but I have one problem with the wage bills that I get authorized. With my team I have an annual sponsor income of 12.2mio, which is 1mio/month. The sponsor is also secured for the next season, so I would like to hire some good cyclists.
But: It says that my maximum authorized wage bill is 374k. This is not the first season that happens. Currently I have 21mio on the bank account of the team, and this will further increase.
Why can't I spent the money I earn as I would like to in a manager game. Please correct that bug or tell me what to do to correct it.
I am not Dagobert Duck who enjoys collecting money, I want to build a good team and not loose all my promising young riders when they get too expensive, especially because I have the money.
Please advise how to change that.


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