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[READ] PCM 2017 released - Known issues list

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[READ] PCM 2017 released - Known issues list

Message15 Juin 2017, 19:10

Hello all,

We hope you're enjoying your time with Pro Cycling Mangager 2017 so far. We'd like to make you aware of some issues that we are currently aware of, and that we continue to work on. If you happen to have any feedback for us, please post it below, so that we may add it to our list of currently known issues.

    >Recording Pro Cycling Manager using Fraps will cause the game to crash. If you want to record your gameplay, please use an alternative program to record.

    >Some rare random crashes may still occur. Please describe any crash you might encounter using the Cyanide crash reporter pop-up window.

    >Using the mouse wheel during a 3D race introduction scene may make the riders disappear and/or provoke a crash.

    >Playing at 4k resolution causes very poor performance. As such, 4k resolutions has been disabled for now.
    >Manager menu: Very rarely, it is possible to lose the mouse focus in the game.
Workaround: Quit and restart the game.
    >3D race: Shortcuts may stop responding.
Workaround: In solo mode, click the options menu button.
Workaround: In multiplayer mode, click on the information button (i), go to the chat tab and click on the chat box.

    >While playing at 1280x720 and 1366x788 screen resolutions, the Pro Cyclist’s portrait is broken.

    > Database Editor is not working

    > Some packages in the COllection aren't available ye

    >Some environmental assets may spawn on the road.

    >It is not possible to play the Campeonato de Columbia with Team Orica.

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