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Beta Branch Available

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Beta Branch Available

Message28 Juin 2017, 19:05

Hi everyone,

We are currently doing our best to fix the remaining crashes and blocking issues you may encounter.

We're currently doing our best to release a new update fixing the issues you reported since release, although it's not as fast as we'd want, due to the testing required before each patch.

That's why, we created a Steam Beta granting you an early access to the next update. Any testing and report done on this Steam branch will help us a lot to release the patch quicker for everyone.

How does it work?

  • You have access to the version our QA team is working on. We will update the beta patch note in this thread throughout the testing process.
  • Please keep in mind that the version you'll play is a beta - you're likely to encounter issues and bugs.
  • Please note that the Beta branch does not allow you to play the Multiplayer mode. You will be able go back to the default version whenever you want.

How to join the Beta Test Group?

First of all, back-up your save files.
  • Go to C:\Users\*your user name*\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2017
  • Copy the following folders in a different place or save them in a .zip or .rar file:
    • Cloud
    • WeeklySaves

Then update to the PATCH BETA version
  • On Steam, go to your Library and right-click on Pro Cycling Manager 2017.
  • Go to Properties, then to Betas and select the following beta in the list:
    • beta_next_patch
  • Confirm. You should have an update on your game. Once updated, you can play.
  • You can go back to the default version at any time with the same process.

How to Report Issues with the Beta?
  • Only report issues concerning the beta in THIS THREAD.
  • Only report here issues you have encounter in the beta, not on the default version.

Beta Patchnote
  • Fixed issue with the race calendar in Pro Cyclist, forcing the rider to do every race his team has planned even if he’s not registered for it.
  • Fixed issue with the CYA World Tour team points not being counted.
  • Fixed issues with Russian characters in profile name.
  • Fixed crash when clicking the on the Options button.
Focus Team


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Re: Beta Branch Available

Message01 Juil 2017, 01:56

I have no betas in my steam. I think i should have a private code to unlock pcm private betas :cry:


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Re: Beta Branch Available

Message05 Juil 2017, 22:19

Those changes are good (1.0.4), it's very important now try to fix downhill problem!

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