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How to Report Crash

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How to Report Crash

Message26 Juin 2017, 15:51

Hello riders,

We've been hard at work addressing issues in Pro Cycling Manager since release, but we're well aware that there's still a little ways to go.

We're working hard on fixing as many of these issues as possible, but to do so, we need your help!

To help us track down the origins of a crash, we'd love if you would fill out the crash reporter with the information below. Please do not forget to also check the two boxes, and to use the specific format below.

  • PCM17
  • Date(month_day) and Time (hh_mm) when you had the crash
  • Game Mode (Tournament, One-off Race, Track, etc.) you were playing
  • Description (When or how did the issue happen? Please try to be as precise as possible!)
  • If you have an issue with multiplayer mode: Connection Quality and Speed (Optic Fiber, ADSL, 56K, etc. + Latency and Upload/Download Speed)
  • If you used a custom database via Steam Workshop: the name of the customised database nor edited stage
  • Forum User Name and Computer Name
Then, click send!


For multiplayer issues, you can get information on your internet connection here. The required information is highlighted below in yellow:


Thanks for your help and support!

Enjoy your ride  
Focus Team

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