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Chasing the Rainbow Stripes - Text based cycling game

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Chasing the Rainbow Stripes - Text based cycling game

Message15 Oct 2016, 16:15

Chasing the Rainbow Stripes

In July I wrote a choose-your-own-adventure story/game about the Tour de France ( and it was so fun I wanted to do it again, but this time it’s about the 2016 World Championships.

This is shorter than La Grande Boucle, some 20 000 words instead of 33 000. Mostly, however, it’s due to the fact that I tried to add some more choices, and choices that matter, than in my previous story. I felt that it constrained the reader too much which made it feel like nothing the player did mattered in the way the story developed. There’s also two major story lines instead of just one, you can either choose to be a sprinter or a breakaway artist which completely changes the story and the way the race unfolds.

Here's the link:


Let me know if there are any questions or bugs and I’ll sort it out. Hope you enjoy it!


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