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Start lists

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Start lists

Message15 Août 2012, 09:42

Could someone please tell me how do you export rider start lists in PCM12 ?

In PCM11 you would press the space bar during a race and the export button would be at the top right of the page. :|
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Re: Start lists

Message19 Août 2012, 01:22

yes please! I couldn't find the button!

I've to export the result at the first stage and sort by team and order the riders by leader and surname every race i play in my story.

It would be great to have that button back!
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Re: Start lists

Message29 Août 2012, 10:49

Agree. If there is a new patch, please add the former "startlist" and "Event" button to the "spacebar" menu again.

The folders are still there in MyDocuments and it shouldn`t be that difficult to add.

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