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single pro career bugged and unplayable

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single pro career bugged and unplayable

Message17 Mai 2016, 13:01

Hi, I love the single pro mode but it is bugged. First I started a career with a cobblestone specialist. In the beginning the paris-roubaix race crashed at the end, about 1 in 2 times. Five years further in my carreer and the paris roubaix race crashes everytime in the last 10km. So the race is unplayable.
So i started a carreer with a puncher. 4 years into my carreer and now the Liege-Bastogne-Liege race crashes everytime at 10km from the finish. So that race and carreer is also unplayable.... I tried re-installing the game, but the problems remained. Please advise, because the carreers are basicly unplayable because the two most important races can't be played.
I bought the game to be able to play it. I invested a lot of time in those carreers and I can not continue. Give me one good reason why I should ever buy a cyanide game again.


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Re: single pro career bugged and unplayable

Message05 Août 2016, 23:11

Ihave also a crash problem in Pro mode.

Always on the same date in the game !

But no answer from Cynanide or Focus too... They don't care about customers !


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