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dCanada Goose Jakke Norge New Year cake and later

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dCanada Goose Jakke Norge New Year cake and later

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dCanada Goose Jakke Norge New Year cake and later

Canada Goose Jakke Norge this is a very common food for the southerners, because the northern non-glutinous rice production, and few rice cakes production, mostly using the South's raw materials and production methods, or from the South brought the finished product. Recall Canada Goose Jakke Salg the first time eating this food is something 40 years ago. That year, parents do not know for what consideration, I will be from a small town in the northwest to a town thousands of miles away Jiangnan 11 Wuxi Jiangyin \u0026 mdash; Qingyang Zhen

Canada Goose Jakke Dame Herre Norge Nettbutikk Vaguely remember, early spring season, the north has not yet woke up from the winter, the southern is the pink willow green, spring, the air filled with wet water vapor. Green fields, the village is nestled in the smoky hazy, all eyes are green rice fields, reservoirs, rivers, the river driving a long fleet, the river shuttle bobbing boat, then shake the boat hats I feel very fresh clothes, the first time I saw the tugboat dragged seven or eight boats of the fleet in the water, whistling from time to time with a long siren, walked by pedestrians talking did not understand the language, the immediate Canada Goose Herre Jakker Everything is so fresh and unfamiliar, this fresh and strange curiosity made me very excited.

I know my mother came to the town, that year, when I was just seven years of school age, and later I learned that humble town, my mother's hometown. There I still have a door called aunt, uncle's relatives, cousin, cousin and cousin at home. A few days later my mother returned to the north, leaving me alone, and in this town the only primary school in Qingyang Central to attend the first grade. Since then, this southern town left me nearly two years of life footprint, but also to my childhood left a memorable life memories, that settled more than a decade later in Suzhou Jiangnan when local life quickly want to come And Canada Goose Dame Jakke that time is inseparable, because, Jiangnan feelings early planting with my young heart.

Canada Goose Jakke Dame

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