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Canada Goose Dunjakke butik This song is the opera

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Canada Goose Dunjakke butik This song is the opera

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Canada Goose Dunjakke butik This song is the opera
Canada Goose Dunjakke butik the song called Canada Goose Jakke Salg 'Honghu Lake, wave waves' presumably a lot of people are familiar with it, the song singing the scene is not an exaggeration, I even think it is far from Sing Canada Goose Herre Jakker the beauty of the Honghu Lake, Honghu wonderful, especially that clear, bright Honghu Shui, in my heart that is the best in the world of water, the purest water, the most poetic water, the most I dreamed of water.

Køb Canada Goose Jakker Dame Online In 1976, I came to Honghu with my father (my father worked at Honghu Lock), where the rivers and lakes Canada Goose Dame Jakke crisscross and the lakes are dotted. In addition to the village is water, so most of the village names here with water characters such as small port, lotus Creek, Shuanghe, Bahe, West Pool, etc., from the water of the lake every day through my eyes, after which my heart is it Washed clear and translucent, my dream Amoy mystery and ethereal.

My favorite sitting in the summer that little lotus son to the lake, Hong Cheng fisheries have my classmates, every family have this kind of boat, is a special plucking picking Ling fishing. I like to do in the lake there are two things, one is Picking lotus, I especially like to eat fresh lotus, before I was in my home always did not enjoy eating enough, so eating lotus complex always in my heart, in fact, Lake There are as good as watermelon with water chestnut, chicken head bubble, after the two have thorns may be a little bit of my childhood fear. At that time, Lake Honghu is the lotus leaf, lotus, lotus can be picked how much you can, no one tube, no one with you rob. The city people will not come, the lake people will not take it to sell the money, the lake belongs to all who live here. You will not be greedy, because the next day it will not taste good. Pick a sack of lotus is enough, have to eat around the next door.

Picked up the lotus, but also to pick ten good flowers brought home to feed, anyway, the lake is full. Catch a few red dragonfly, this little dragonfly on the shore, the lake Trinidad and Tobago, then do not understand what ecology, and seize a few just pinch it off half of the wings, it will not fly, let it break Take home with the lotus again.

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