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Canada Goose Jakke Salg Norge in that lotus season

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Canada Goose Jakke Salg Norge in that lotus season

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Canada Goose Jakke Salg Norge in that lotus season
Canada Goose Jakke Salg Norge she was born in Hangzhou. This poetic subtle city, because of her arrival since the more graceful. A natural charm of the original city, was the moon breeze nourish the feelings of the sentiment, but also by the poetic story filled. It really beautiful existence, without setting a trap, all the people who meet with involuntarily be attracted to it, from indifference.

Canada Goose Jakke Norge Her gentle and bright woman like Huiyin must have had a causal life. So her ancestral home in Fujian, she will be born Canada Goose Jakke Salg in Hangzhou, she loved Bailian, will be born in June lotus. This bustling proud of the ancient city, not easily for a person frown, but Lin Huiyin can do that allure woman. Light rain West Lake, Lotus slowly bloom, many years later, this woman called Lin Huiyin has become the dream of many people looking forward to that white lotus. Only she can afford the beauty of Hangzhou poetic idle, to give West Lake mild clean feelings.

Lin Huiyin was born in an official family, his grandfather Lin Hsiao-chi exam in Jinshi, calendar officer Jinhua, Zhejiang and other places Xiaofeng. His father Lin Changmin graduated from Waseda University in Japan, good at poetry, calligraphy. The elegant and elegant grandmother swims, is a beautiful woman Xian Zhuang Shu. Lin Huiyin follow them on the body of refined elegance, so this life has a flair of talent and never appearance. Perhaps all this is only by chance is not necessarily, but because of the Huiyin destined to become that era of Allure Talent.

That Lotus open summer, Hangzhou Lu Guan Lane, as always, simple and quiet. Qingshi paved Canada Goose Dame Jakke alley, floated with the ancient city light fireworks, and occasionally walked pedestrians leisurely, the memory of trance left in time. This is a city where people can dream about the wind, and we often get soggy by some small tenderness and emotion. We have forgotten that we are only passing by the town. Where to come back from where Canada Goose Herre Jakker to go, just a few decades time, but borrowed a body with the years. I always believe that the body is just a decoration, only the soul can take it away, do not need to explain to anyone.


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