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ilable for almost all sports.

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ilable for almost all sports.

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Thousands of young athletes will converge in Nanjing Authentic Nick Jensen Jersey , -capital city of East China's -Jiangsu Province this week for the -second Youth Olympic Games (YOG), with many hoping to build toward a place at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

More than 3,700 competitors aged 15 to 18 are expected to participate in the tournament, which will start with a glittering opening ceremony on Saturday.

Among the athletes who won medals in the first Youth Olympic Games, in Singapore in 2010, are swimmers Chad le Clos and Emma McKeon, and Chinese diver Qiu Bo.

That inaugural event was marred by scenes of empty seats at events despite fans -being told they were sold out, resulting in bizarre queues outside half-empty venues.

Chinese organizers said they had learned from the problems in Singapore, which also suffered a cost blowout after officials badly underestimated expenditure.

"We learnt from Singapore and downsized venues like hockey," Games official Zhou Xiaoguang told China's Xinhua News Agency.

"We have also modified indoor volleyball to beach volleyball, so it will be easier for more people to watch."

Famed ceremony director Chen Weiya introduced his creative team to the international media in Nanjing on Thursday.

Chen said the opening ceremony would be filled with performances highlighting the culture, history and people of Nanjing and of China both past and present.

He said Saturday night's event would be delivered at one-tenth the cost of the opening ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and would involve one-third the number of performers - but it would lack nothing for originality and spectacle.

Golf and rugby will make their long-awaited return to the Olympic fold, after gaps of 110 and 90 years respectively, in a 28-sport schedule which mirrors the roster in place for 2016.

According to organizers, tickets for six of the 28 sports will be free for spectators. These include the triathlon, road cycling, mountain bike, 8x100 meters relay, rowing and canoeing events.

According to Han Dong, an official with the Marketing -Department of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee (NYOGOC), these events cover a wide area in an outdoor setting. As a result, NYOGOC wanted to provide a free, open space for spectators because the competition routes can't be easily encircled by the spectators like a soccer game in a stadium.

Han said it was important for NYOGOC to let Nanjing's residents and tourists watch the Games for free in the venues, as this would also serve as an excellent promotion for the city.


by Stefan Posch

VIENNA, May 11 (Xinhua) -- Werner Faymann's abrupt resignation both as Austrian chancellor and head of the Social Democrats is only the end of the beginning of the political strife within his party over how to deal with the emerging right-wing populist Freedom Party.

In 1986, Social Democrat Chancellor Franz Vranitzky made a doctrine that the party should not enter into coalition with the Freedom Party. But today some Social Democrats believe that the doctrine puts the party in despair.

The reality is, the Social Democrat-People's Party coalition may not be able to retain majority in elections as a result of the growing weight of the Freedom Party, which has gained from the refugee crisis.

As many Social Democrats have switched to the Freedom Party over the last years, some Social Democrats want a substantive re-orientation toward the Freedom Party.

In an open criticism, Linz Mayor Klaus Luger, a Social Democrat, has said that his party has transformed into ""an ideological sect"" and that the ""red traditionalists uphold dusty dogmas.""

Social Democrat Hans Niessl, governor of Burgenland, is already ruling in coalition with the Freedom Party.

On the other hand, sects within the Social Democrats, especially youth organizations, remain adamant. They demand a clear voice in the refugee debate and clear distance from the Freedom Party.

Faymann, unfortunately, was caught in the crossfire within his party. A year ago, he followed in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's footsteps in the European refugee crisis, adopting an open-arms policy. But as public opinion changed, Faymann and his administration had to argue for restrictive measures. The change of policy angered the left-wing of his party.

Faymann was crushed between the two camps. Some accused him of being too dogmatic with regard to the Freedom Party, while others would not forgive him for the refugee policy change.

In addition, Faymann had to take responsibility for the Social Democrat failures in numerous elections, resulting in his sudden resignation.

Faymann's successor will face the onerous task of bringing the different sects within the party together in face of an increasingly aggressive Freedom Party.

" "

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 17 (Xinhua) -- The deadline for Brazilian residents to enter the second phase of ticket sales for next year's Olympic Games is midnight on Sunday, organizers said on Friday.

Residents of other countries can purchase tickets through authorized resellers listed in their regions, according to a Rio2016 release.

About three million tickets are available in the second phase for events such as the individual rhythmic gymnastics final, men's football semifinals and the men's doubles tennis semifinals.

If there are more requests than tickets, a draw will be held to select successful applicants.

""We still have tickets available for almost all sports. Only triathlon, synchronized swimming, road cycling and marathon swimming are totally sold out,"" Rio 2016 ticketing director Donovan Ferreti said.

The remaining tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis in October.


MOMBASA, Kenya, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan police confirmed on Sunday that they are inves.

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