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TDF 2019 (PS4)

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TDF 2019 (PS4)

Message16 Mars 2019, 19:41

Hi everybody
Just want to ask few questions about the new game.
I play Cyanide cycling games since the first Cycling Manager, i passed through psp pro cycling version and now i'm into Ps4 version (i love to play with a friend of mine, and i also have less time than when i was i kid, so i had to abandon pc version).
So i'm asking if there is any possibility to include in the ps4 game more features from PCM. Like to have a career mode, in which you can discover and train young talents through the seasons. I remember PCM for psp had this feature and was amazing! (Training a young Nibali, winning everything with Roman Kreuziger, awww sweet memories!!!)
I'm also wondering if there is the possibility to include more races, at least some northern classics and the Giro D'Italia!

I think those changes will made everyone happy, i mean : this game it's not Fifa, I suppose the fanbase is less crowded and composed by people who felt in love with cycling (i mean anybody can play a FIFA match once in life, less people will try a cycling game, so those people will probably be real pcm fans) so i think those mods will be really appreciated.

Concluding, I'm asking if there is any possibility to be a beta tester of PS4 version. I'm buying the game at the day one since 2014, and every year there are some errors that could be changed before releasing the game, i think.
So, I will be really proud to help in any way, cause I love this sport and this game!



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Re: TDF 2019 (PS4)

Message04 Oct 2019, 16:43

There is no planned beta for TDF this year.
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