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Ideas for a 2020 season TDF game.

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Ideas for a 2020 season TDF game.

Message14 Déc 2019, 18:31

Having thought about weather, I've come up with a suggestion. On flat stages, riders have the lowest chances of crashing if its dry. The likelihood of a crash increases if it is a technical finish and / or if it is raining. The chances of crashes once again increases on mountain stages (on descents mostly.) If it is raining the probability of a crash occurring increases. The greatest chance of a crash would be capped at ~20% (on a wet stage in the mountains on a "dangerous descent".)

So the factors in the likelihood of crashes would be - type of stage, weather, technicality (stage finishes and descents.)

Following on to this the riders who would crash most often would be those with worse descending and resistance stats.

Stage profiles:
Some people reading this may have seen a website called the Flamme-Rouge which allows you to edit profiles of stages. Different races have different profiles (for example the Tour de France uses a yellow colour for the profile whereas the Vuelta is typically red and other races have different profiles too.) I think that it would be cool if in races such as the Dauphine they used the real profiles.

In my tour mode, the colour of the profile and symbols indicating various intermediates could vary depending on the Jersey chosen ( for example the Giro / Vuelta jerseys.) It would be also interesting if in my tour mode certain awards which don't exist in the TDF could be available in my tour (for example the Cima Coppi etc.)

Updates to Pro Leader and Pro Team:

In Pro Leader, I think that too much of the focus is on intermediates and therefore particularly at greater difficulties is very challenging. I think there should at least in larger tours be more focus in not just winning certain classifications but for example finishing in the top 5 of a classification. Already I feel like once you get beyond a certain point such as a mountain rating of 78, you very quickly gain about 3-4 levels in the mountains just by coming first over a HC climb, whereas progress would continue to be less quick if you had GC targets. Here are targets i suggest:

Mountain (assuming you start at 64 mountains):

First Cat 3 ( /1)
First Cat 3 ( /2)
First Cat 3 ( /5)
First Cat 2 ( /1)
First Cat 2 ( / 2)
First Cat 2 ( / 5) * by this point you likely have about 70 mountains
First Cat 1 ( /10)
First in the first 15 of a GC ( /1)
Win a mountain stage ( /1)
First Cat HC ( /5)
First Cat HC ( /15) * by this point your mountains is likely around 76
Win a mountain stage ( /2)
Win a mountain stage ( /5)
Win a polka dot jersey ( /1) * at this point mountains can vary from 75-78
Win an overall GC ( /1)
Finish in the first 10 of the Dauphine ( /1)
Finish in the first 10 of the Tour de France ( /1) * i'd expect a rider to have about 80 mountains here
Win the GC of the Dauphine ( /1)
Win the Polka dot jersey of the Tour ( /1)
Win the GC of the Tour ( /1) *here would be roughly 82 mountains
Win a mountainous world Champs ( /1)

achieving all these would allow you to get a max mountain stat of 85

(note these aren't in order of achieving them, it is difficult to win a first mountain stage at 72 mountains)

Another example might be Sprint stat:

Finish a flat stage ( /5)
Finish a flat stage (/15)
Finish in the first 5 of an intermediate sprint (/2)
Win an intermediate sprint (/1)
Win an intermediate sprint (/2)
Win an intermediate sprint (/5) * at this point you'd have roughly 70 sprint
Finish in the first 15 of a bunch sprint (/5)
Finish in the first 10 of a bunch sprint (/5)
Finish in the first 3 of a bunch sprint (/5)
Win a bunch sprint (/1) * Likely about 74 sprint here
Win a bunch sprint (/5)
Win a bunch sprint (/10)
Finish in the first 3 of a Green Jersey Standing (/5)
Win a Points Classification (/1) * anything from 74 - 77 sprint here
Finish in the first 5 of a bunch sprint in the Dauphine (/5)
Win a sprint in the Dauphine (/10)
Win the Points Classification of the Dauphine (/1) * maybe 80 sprint here
Win a sprint in the Tour (/5)
Win the Green Jersey in the Tour (/1) * looking at roughly 82 sprint here
Finish in the top 5 of a flat world champs (/1)
Win the World Champs (/1)

Pro Team:
Rather than having to just have enough money and the right team to buy someone, there would be an element of uncertainty. Instead of buying someone you would "approach them" (in the same way as now) and instead of always joining your team, they might reject the team (example Chris Froome doesn't want to leave Ineos because he is happy there and has a strong team behind him.) This would only start to occur once you start reaching a level where you can buy some big GC candidates and all round really strong riders (for example with ratings of 80+)

Both Pro Team and Pro Leader:

As well as you being able to buy and sell riders, teams would buy and sell riders in the transfer season (when you are able to buy people.) More common examples might be Kenny Elissonde to FDJ, etc. Per transfer season, you would maybe see between 0-3 big names making moves. For example Buchmann to Katusha. The moves would make sense (e.g. riders would transfer to clubs with similar motives to them like a GC moving to a team focused on GC.)

In both Pro team and pro leader, the usual world tour teams would go to races such as the Tour and Dauphine, however other teams such as Israel Cycling Academy would be invited to certain races depending on how high they are in the PCP ranking before the race. For example the highest couple of lower level teams would be invited to the Dauphine (so a team like Correndun Circus might not make it to the Tour.)

Prices of riders would vary at the end of each season depending on the form / results the rider had at the end of the previous season. For example if Sagan won the Green Jersey and the World Champs he might go up in price, whereas if Geraint Thomas had a bad year and ended up with few good results his price might go down.

A few changes to the AI:
- AI would be more aggressive on descents therefore would loose less time when a player descends like in challenge mode!!!
- Teams would mark certain rivals. For example Bernal might stick on the wheel of a rider like Nairo Quintana. This shouldn't be too difficult, as I already see worse sprinters sticking to the wheels of Sagan and Viviani in 2019.
- Sending riders up the road. It would become more common to see a team like FDJ sending Gaudu up the road for an attack later on by Pinot.
- Forcing other teams to work. A team like ineos with multiple contenders might send Froome on an attack and sit in with Bernal forcing Jumbo Visma to reel in Froome.
- More cat and mousing. In a breakaway, when it has a reasonable lead in the closing kilometers, riders would roll off to the side in a manner similar to real life, sometimes attacking sometimes not.

Small change to team comm:

The addition of an instruction to "create a bordure" would be handy on windy stages, as whenever I try nothing seems to happen after 10km of 110% relays from my team.

And finally...

Some changes to the Calendar:
- Introduction of Il Lombardia
- Replacing stages of the Open Tour would be stages from past editions of Vuelta and Giro (for example mountain stages such as where Contador won in 2017 on the Angliru etc.)

Thanks for reading if you got this far!!!

Remember these are just ideas and would take masses of effort to implement into the game. While some of these ideas I genuinely think stand a chance of being implemented in the near future (e.g. season 2020) , I am still excited to see what Cyanide comes up with, and I have no doubt I'll be excited about the 2020 game whatever is included!


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Another idea

Message21 Déc 2019, 16:07

Here's an idea that is almost certainly beyond next years game, but it would be interesting to see your input. On a site like La-flamme-rouge, you can create stages by using ORS to map out a course. On the site you can then export a GPX file of the stage. It would be interesting to see if you could export a GPX file of a race course you have made, then somehow use that to build your own stage in game. Of course, the terrain would have to be generated somehow around the course, etc, but you would have the profile at your exposal? Please tell me if I'm just stupid and this couldn't work!


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Re: Ideas for a 2020 season TDF game.

Message23 Déc 2019, 12:27

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